cc2ErrorPlayingVideo 35753 errors usually occur because your web browser or program (for example, Windows ActiveX Control Module) attempts to load a damaged or missing ActiveX control. These problems can also occur if some ActiveX subkeys are missing in the Windows registry.

cc2ErrorPlayingVideo Error 35753

ActiveX control errors such as “cc2ErrorPlayingVideo” can be caused by a variety of factors, so it is important that you resolve all possible causes to avoid re-reading.

Here are some Common causes for this error:

  1. Corrupted download or incomplete installation of the Windows operating system software.
  2. Windows registry corruption due to a recent change in Windows operating system software (installation or uninstallation).
  3. Virus or infection by malware that corrupts Windows system files or program files related to the Windows operating system.
  4. Another program maliciously or accidentally deleted files related to the Windows operating system.

While the latest browsers are moving away from using ActiveX, there are still many users who have not updated their system and still need it for some processes. If you have bugs with ActiveX, here are some ways to fix your problem.

Changing access rights

Changing access rights

You tried to reinstall your plugin, but it still tells you that the plugin is not installed. Regardless of how often you repeat the installation, the same message appears. To solve this problem, you should do so:

  • Download and install SubInACL.msi from the Microsoft Download Center.
  • Download and install the plugin.

Manual registry restoration

If necessary, you can restore the registry manually from the command prompt. In some cases, Windows does not boot in safe mode – for serious reasons – and manual registry recovery may be required.

This process is more technical than the previous aspects of this article, so beginners/novices are somewhat cautioned. Some aspects of the patch must be implemented in advance – difficult to estimate when an error may occur, but if you read this article, you are now 2 steps ahead!

Troubleshooting DNS Problems

Troubleshooting DNS Problems

We all need the right DNS resolution for our network applications. Let’s face it, if DNS resolution doesn’t work, it’s painful to use anything on your computer that has to do with the network, because there’s a good chance it won’t work. The DNS is not really a “nice feature” of a network, it is a prerequisite. As a network administrator, I heard the alarm from end users that if the network was the cause of DNS servers, it would be down. In these cases, I assure them that the network is good, but it is the DNS servers that have failed! As you can imagine, it’s not going very well for them, because for an end user, it’s still.

If any of the methods above has helped you fixed your cc2ErrorPlayingVideo 35753 error, let us know in the comments below.